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Es Tiempo De Recordar

(It's Time to Remember)

Chicago, IL | 1992

Collaboration with Sandra Antongiorgi & Rolf Mueller

ES TIEMPO DE RECORDAR was a mural located on the northwest side of Chicago in a then- predominantly Latino community. It represented la mezcla, the rich mixture of culture and heritage that makes up the modern Latino experience in the United States. This mural was a collaboration between Marcus Akinlana, Sandra Antongiorgi, Rolf Mueller, The Youth Service Project, and the community. The artists did extensive research on the heritage of the people in the community to create an authentic tribute. This required them to represent the culture of the Puerto Rican community, which at the time was the most predominant in the area, and the African, Spanish, and European influences on the area. ES TIEMPO DE RECORDAR was an acrylic painting on two walls that stood 100 ft x 11 ft. A team of 15 worked for months on the colorful mural. It was located at Pulaski and Wabansia (bridge) and stood as an icon for decades before being destroyed in 2018. Commissioned by Chicago Public Art Group and others.

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