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WON Mural Society is part of the visual legacy of dynamic artist Marcus Akinlana. The Chicago Black artist collective AfriCobra put out a call for artists which greatly inspired Akinlana. After hearing this call, he ruminated on how he could use his talent to contribute to the legacy of Black and African revolutionary artwork. Thus, WON Mural Society was born.


WON Mural Society is an awe-inspiring collection of the public art installations that Marcus Akinlana has created from the late 1980s to the present. Inspired by the larger-than-life monuments created by African peoples of centuries past, Akinlana wanted to create his own monuments to add to the legacy of African American art in the US. The installations of WON Mural Society are his lasting legacy and part of his life's work, which has been dedicated to furthering our cultural understanding. These projects incorporate many different mediums and stand in cities across the US, lending the neighborhoods in which they stand some of Akinlana's personal artistic swag. As you peruse the images of these monumental pieces that Akinlana has created through his signature grandiose, historically-based lens, you will begin to see some common themes. For Akinlana, his art serves a bigger purpose than being simply aesthetically pleasing. His attention to detail, commitment to accurately portraying the unique cultural history of an area, and creative emphasis on multicultural collaboration make up the foundation of each beautiful project. Each project contains a valuable opportunity for the viewer to be educated. When you look at an Akinlana work, you will not only be inspired by the amazing achievements of humankind, but you will also walk away with two powerful take-aways: pride and knowledge.


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