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A series of art concerts/performances intertwined with Afro Indigenous sacred ritual communal workshops/works to shift energies in the environment. With the aim to introduce, intrigue and then inspire the community to develop and draw strategies from our Maroon Ancestors to face and conquer the myriad challenges we are facing in our community today.


Date: 5/15/23

Bulbancha Rise Up #1

Location: Ile Ẹkọ Àṣà Yorùbá ní New Orleans - Bulbancha

An intimate gathering of the organizers and a few valiant supporters for prayer, songs and video to kick off the soft opening of The Bulbancha Rise Up. 

Invite only. 

Date: 5/28/23

Bulbancha Rise Up #2

Location: Ile De Coin Coin. Orin Orisa

Element - Air. Time: 6pm. Attire: White.

Reverence gathering and opening concert to announce the Bulbancha Rise Ups to the community. It was a profound night with music, dancing and communing with the divine spirits.


Date: 6/24/23


Bulbancha Rise Up #3

Location: Along the Mississippi by Old Holy Cross 

Element: Water. Time: 2pm.

It was a very hot day but that did not stop the show, with overcast skies to cool the unrelenting sun, it appeared that Nature was blessing the ceremony. Music and offerings were presented to the Great Mississippi to bless all the Waters and pray for clean lifegiving water and calmer days for our beloved Bulbancha.

Date: 7/08/23

Bulbancha Rise Up #4

Location: New Orleans African American Museum

Element: Earth. Time 2pm.

It was an incredible day at the Museum, with a live concert musical performance by the Maroons band interspersed with dynamic storytelling by Gia Hamilton, the museum director, who gave a stimulating account of the history of the land the museum resides on. A tree planting ceremony was held to symbolically reclaim the legacy of the Banana plantation on the museum grounds.


Date: 8/06/23

Bulbancha Rise Up #5


Location: Congo Square

Bulbancha Speaking in Many Tongues. Time: 1pm

Woowee it was a scorcher, with temperatures topping over 100 degrees, it was a day for digging deep and persevering like our illustrious Ancestors. Folks came out to take part in prayers, libations, music and dance; evoking the indigenous people of this land, the Native peoples and Africans.

Date: 8/19/23

Bulbancha Rise Up #6

Location: Ile Eko Asa Yoruba Ni New Orleans 

Element: Fire. Time: 7pm

It was the final Rise Up, that started in the evening to wait for a slight "cool down", since we were dealing with fire. It was profound and intense, elders and youngsters came out to get "cleansed" and help close out these magnificent series of events to help magnetically change the vibration in our beloved Bulbancha. 

See SOME of the results of this multi-layered campaign...

Adupẹ - gratitude to those who helped and contributed to get Elders there to be cleaned with fire.

This 6th and final BULBANCHA RISE UP was completed on Sat Aug 19th, 2023 but was started and planned beginning in Oct 2022 in a large part to seek solutions to the out of control spiraling violence and instability plaguing BULBANCHA aka New Orleans. We had no idea that our state would literally be burning by the time of our ṢÀNGÓ envisioned Fire cleansings and Concert for our community SAFETY and Survival.

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Bulbancha Rise Up Events

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