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South Shore Rests On the Bosom of Osun

Chicago, IL | 1989

Akinlana has several pieces that portray and enhance the unique beauty of several Chicago neighborhoods. SOUTH SHORE RESTS ON THE BOSOM OF OSUN was a mural located on the far south side of Chicago. The 19 ft installation was a whopping 115 ft long. It showed the positive impact of African Americans on the South Shore community. Several South Shore landmarks have been cleverly woven into the scene. Osun, the divinity of arts and culture, was depicted as the patron Orisa of the South Shore area. Akinlana made heavy use of symbolism in this piece. He represents the strength and resilience of the people of South Shore through a picture of a strong Black family. The eyes of the people in the mural are closed to show that they are looking at their inner selves. If you look closely, you can see the masks of the ancestors hidden within the mural, which immortalizes the rich history of the people of the area. This acrylic masterpiece sat at 75th and Crandon St. and was commissioned by the Chicago Public Art Group and the Neighborhood Institute.

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